Privacy Policy

PACE Tokyo, Inc. views the importance of protecting personal information therefore we will comply with the act of on the protection of personal information and do our best to protect the privacy of our customers.

1.Definition of personal information

Personal information includes the customer’s name, address, phone number and other information that can identify the customer. It also includes information that can identify an individual by matching with other information.

2.Regarding collecting of personal information

Normally, when one browses on the PACE Tokyo, Inc. website (hereinafter referred to this website), the customer does not at any means need to enter or disclose any information, therefore one can use it anonymously. However, for inquiries, we ask that one enters the customers name, email address and etc. Please refer to 3. Purpose of use of personal information and 4. Management of personal information regarding further information. 

3.Purpose of the use of personal information

This website will use the personal information for the following purposes.

● To reply back to the questions or to contact back to the individual with the necessary information.
● Used when it is necessary to operate the website.

4.Management of personal information

Our service manages personal information with the following system.

● We will limit the use of personal information for business purposes only and manage the information that contains personal matters.
● However, some personal information may be provided to an outsourcing company in order to carry out business in order to provide products/services to the customers
● In that case, we will manage the outsourcing company so that they handle with the personal information appropriately.
● Personal information that is no longer necessary will be deleted.
5.Disclosure of personal information

Our service will not disclose personal information to third parties without the consent of the customer. However, the statement above may not apply if it is the following.

●  When requested by the government office, courts, prosecutors, police, bar association, consumer affairs center or other similar authorities.
●  When there are special provisions in the law.
●  When it is necessary to protect our rights, property or services due to an individual’s actions that violate the law/regulations/terms of use and when we cannot obtain the consent from them. 

6.Disclose/correction/addition/deletion/suspension of use of the personal information

If one wishes to disclose, correct, add, delete or suspend the use of personal information please contact our operator (


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If there are problems such as copyright infringement in the content of the article or the posted images, each right holder should contact to the following representative.
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An escape clause

If one transfers to another website due to clicking on a link/banner on this site, we do not take any responsibility for the information, services, etc. provided on the website one got transferred to.
Regarding the content on this website, we do our best to provide as accurate information as possible.
Please note that we do not take responsibility of any damages caused by inaccurate or information that is out of date posted on this website.

Privacy policy changes

This site will obey to the Japanese laws and regulations concerning personal information and review the contents of this policy appropriately for improvements.
The latest revised privacy polity will always be disclosed on this page.

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Representative: PACE Tokyo, Inc., Kameda

First edition: May 31st, 2021
Latest edition: April 14th, 2022